Cemetery Information

Here you will find information for the Village of Barnwell Cemetery. This will include plot prices, open/close fees, perpetual care fees and the Monument Permit.


CEMETERY PLOTS                                   $110.00/resident, $220.00/non resident

OPEN/CLOSE WEEKDAY                          $500.00/resident, $700/non resident

OPEN/CLOSE WEEKEND HOLIDAY           $750.00/resident, $900.00/non resident

PERPETUAL FEE CARE                            $150.00/resident, $300.00/non resident

OPEN/CLOSE CREMATION WEEKDAY       $125.00/resident, $250.00/non resident

OPEN/CLOSE CREMATION WEEKEND      $225/resident, $400/non resident

MONUMENT PERMIT ( see attached link)  cemetery-monument-permit

BARNWELL CEMETARY MAP (see attached link) barnwell-cemetery-16